Sustainability and the Role of Human Resources

Recorded On: 01/30/2018

Session Description 

Join Coro Strandberg, Transformational Leadership Consultant, to understand how to fully embed sustainability into Human Resources and foster a sustainable culture in your organizations. This webinar will define sustainability as social and environmental sustainability and provide an overview of sustainability trends and drivers and the business case for sustainability. It will summarize the role of the HR professional in embedding sustainability into the employee experience and life cycle from recruitment and onboarding to training and professional, leadership and competency development and performance management, talent retention and succession planning. A case study of best practices in sustainable human resource management will be profiled.

Learning Objectives

  • Sustainability trends and drivers and how they will impact organizational success.
  • The business case and benefits of operating a sustainable organization.
  • The significant and essential role HR professionals can play to embed sustainability into an organization.
  • How one organization embedded sustainability in the employee experience and realized benefits.


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Coro Strandberg

President, Strandberg Consulting

Coro Strandberg is an influential sustainability strategist and thought leader. She is a trailblazer and visionary in marketplace innovation to advance social, environmental and financial progress and has contributed to the evolving field of sustainability for more than 25 years. She works with the public and private sector to create strategies and pursue business models to address social and environmental risks and opportunities that propel society towards a sustainable future.

Coro specializes in helping organizations become leaders in transformational sustainability. This includes advising on sustainability leadership and innovation strategies, social purpose business models and sustainability governance, management, implementation and integration. She is an expert in integrating sustainability in finance, human resources, risk management and procurement and developing social and inclusive sustainability strategies. She regularly publishes blogs, articles, research, tools and guides on sustainability and corporate social responsibility leadership on her website at Coro works and lives in her LEED Gold certified green home in Vancouver, BC which she built with her partner.

Janet Howard

Director, Member Engagement and Healthier Hospitals, Practice Greenhealth

Janet Howard leads the facility member engagement team and the Healthier Hospitals program. The team provides fresh content, educational support and technical assistance to Practice Greenhealth facility members and Healthier Hospitals enrollees. Recent projects include the Employee Engagement Toolkit and fresh content on Materials/WastesEngaged Leadership and the new Less Food to Landfill goal and toolkit.

The Member Engagement team works together to help organizations recognize the link between sustainability programming and quality, patient experience and performance excellence. Janet's angle is around empowerment and the belief that every person deserves a safe, healthy and respectful environment.

With Iqbal Mian, Janet developed a strategic deployment consult offering at Practice Greenhealth. The day-long program facilitates the facility or system's vision, mission, goals and elevator speeches for sustainability programming in alignment with overall strategic organizational goals. This senior level engagement results in strategic deployment and optimizes programmatic success.

Janet pioneered sustainability in health care from 1991-2004 for Continuum Health Partners in New York City. She is a frequent writer on health care sustainability issues for outlets like Greenbiz, CSR Wire and Health Care Design Magazine. Read Janet’s columns on her LinkedIn profile.


Contact Info:

Email: (T): 866.598.2110

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Sustainability and the Role of Human Resources
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