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Practice Greenhealth created the Greenhealth Academy to offer innovative, essential information through programs covering all aspects of sustainability in health care. The trusted source for vetted, cutting-edge information, Greenhealth Academy offers webinars, eLearning, sharing calls, and face-to-face programs designed for all functional areas of green teams within the health care sector. Topics range from basics such as recycling and green team development to selection of green cleaning chemicals and energy modeling for new buildings. Pull together your committee or "green team" and join us. Courses are offered at levels to match your knowledge and experience for your specific needs, by our skilled staff and leading industry experts in health care sustainability management.

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CleanMed 2016 Conference Recording

Thanks to all the attendees, volunteers, and leaders that made CleanMed 2016 in Dallas, TX a success! The learning doesn't have to end when the conference does. Recorded conference sessions are now ready on Greenhealth Academy!. CleanMed attendees will receive email notifications once the recordings are available on Greenhealth Academy. Members who attended CleanMed 2016 will have complimentary access to the recordings, while others can purchase the package to explore the plenary and conference sessions delivered across tracks including Leadership, Climate & Energy, Waste Management, Green Building, Safer Materials, Greening the Supply Chain, and Food.


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Practice Greenhealth is a nonprofit membership organization founded on the principles of positive environmental stewardship and best practices by organizations in the healthcare community. With the support from our hospital members, business members and strategic partners, Practice has become the source for environmental solutions for the healthcare sector and lends support to create better, safer, greener workplaces and communities.

No matter you are hospital, healthcare business, nonprofit organization, or university, Practice Greenhealth has the resource and network to help you achieve your goals. Join Practice Greenhealth today to discover how we've helped many others succeed and how we can help you too.

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