HHI Series: Success at Tenet Health Care

Recorded On: 12/03/2014

Session Description

Wellness initiatives are getting a lot of attention right now, due to the obesity epidemic and costs associated with treatment of chronic disease. Sustainability initiatives are also getting increased attention with a level of leadership engagement like we’ve never seen before. As Gary Cohen, the Founder of our sister Organization HCWH says, you can’t have healthy people on a sick planet – so as we learn more about the connection between planetary and human health, the more we see the potential for collaboration on wellness and sustainability activities. Both offer opportunities for staff engagement, satisfaction, quality and cost savings. Sustainability initiatives are only as successful as the number of staff that is involved with them – it’s a team effort – so joining wellness and sustainability is another opportunity to further leverage both programs and help align them with the strategic direction of the organization.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how Tenet engages staff in wellness activities.
  • Understand the potential to reduce health care costs through prevention and wellness activities
  • See the connection between wellness program and employee engagement.


Thora Khademazad, Director, Culture Programs, Tenet Healthcare

Thora Khademazad is the Director of Culture Programs at Tenet Healthcare, a publicly traded healthcare company with 80 hospitals throughout the U.S. The programs she manages focus on engaging employees in programs and initiatives that add value to their lives, both at work and at home. One of the most popular culture programs is Tenet Total Wellness, which offers activities, challenges and resources addressing six dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, environmental, social, financial, and learning. Through this program, employees are encouraged and rewarded when they engage in a variety of activities throughout the year. The focus on engagement gives Tenet the opportunity to introduce less traditional wellness concepts such as sustainability, life-long learning, and financial responsibility, to help employees experience the reward of pursuing a well-balanced life.

Melinda Lokey, Director Human Resources Services and Projects, Tenet Health System

Melinda Lokey is a Director of HR Services with Tenet Healthcare and serves on the Tenet Sustainability Advisory Council. Tenet is a sponsoring organization for the Healthier Hospital Initiative with hospitals and other operating units in 49 states.


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HHI Sustainability & Wellness Series: Success at Tenet Health Care
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