HHI Series: Engaging Employees for Sustainability Success

Session Description 

Healthcare organizations run intense operations - often open 24/7, using vast amounts of energy and resources, all while working to serve the local community. Often the largest employer in a community, healthcare organizations have the opportunity to drive positive change and promote sustainability initiatives. A key component to ensuring sustainability initiatives result in successful programs is through the commitment and support of leadership, constant engagement of key stakeholders, and ongoing communication celebrating and promoting these successes. Learn some strategies for effective employee engagement and build that into your HHI goals!

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the smallest of behaviors to get the utmost in employee engagement
  • Determine employee engagement with the end in mind, what needs to end and what is the end point of the work
  • Leverage the 10 block pyramid of engagement to determine key actions and inputs to impact engagement
  • Ensure engagement is attached to the key results of the organization
  • Call forth employee "voice" in all phases of the engagement work
  • Learn from Tenet Health System's employee wellness and engagement programs


David Zinger, David Zinger Associates, The Employee Engagement Network

David Zinger is the leading global independent expert on employee engagement. He is a sought after speaker, educator, coach, author, and consultant focused intently on employee engagement. David founded and hosts theEmployee Engagement Network, bringing together over 5800 people from around the globe to improve and increase employee engagement. He has worked with engagement in Canada, United States, Poland, Wales, India, Germany, England, Spain, and South Africa.

David’s varied and pervasive experience includes 15 years embedded as the employee assistance counsellor at Seagram, Ltd. This was the home of Crown Royal and David was instrumental in fostering personal and career engagement for this organization.

David is an educator. David has taught educational psychology and counselling psychology at the University of Manitoba for 25 years. He has created and designed 15 university degree courses plus courses on adult learning and engaged leadership.

David developed the 10 Block Pyramid of Engagement to focus on practical and tactical engagement based on the premise that there is little capacity for more in most organizations and that employee engagement is never more than 10 blocks away.

David brings an expansive and open prairie perspective to his work. He has lived his life on the Canadian prairies and this prairie influence includes a wide open view of engagement, a down-to-earth perspective on work, a connection to people and community, being on the same level as everyone else, and creating authentic results.

Melinda Lokey, Director Human Resources Services and Projects, Tenet Health System

Melinda Lokey is a Director of HR Services with Tenet Healthcare and serves on the Tenet Sustainability Advisory Council. Tenet is a sponsoring organization for the Healthier Hospital Initiative with hospitals and other operating units in 49 states. 


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