Greening the OR Series: Fire the Photon Torpedoes Sulu: Dose Based UVGI in Health Care Central Ventilation Air Reduces HAI

Recorded On: 07/21/2014

Session Description

The Enterprise's crew is falling ill to a mysterious illness that re-appears moments after repeated surface disinfection with Trizz, the latest Starfleet approved triple threat compound to neutralize bacteria, virus and spores. If Spock, Kirk and McCoy can't eradicate it the ship's mission and survival is at risk. Spock deduces that the infection vector is airborne and together they review 21st century research showing promising results with UVGI energy fields in health care central ventilation systems. McCoy isolates the bug in a newly updated ventilation system. Spock and engineer Scott create a successful prototype with mathematical algorithms to configure the most effective arrangement of spare parts from the photon torpedo magazine. Only Kirk and the weapons officer/navigator Sulu are authorized to activate photon weapons so the controls for the system are activated from the bridge. Once Kirk gives the order to activate the system, McCoy reports that contamination is dropping rapidly and in three days the outbreak is under control.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the evidence for ultraviolet treatment of ventilation air to reduce ambient microbial load and nosocomial infection in a confined, health-challenged population. 
  • Understand the factors affecting efficacy of ultraviolet technology for air disinfection. 
  • Recognize obstacles to implementation and the need for further study. 
  • Recognize cost savings in mechanical systems in capital budget deferment and operations and in patient populations from reduced LOS, staffing and antibiotic use.


James Moler, P.E., Discipline Director, Jacobs

Mr. Moler is a graduate of Penn State University's professional degree program in Architectural Engineering. He is a LEED® AP BD+C and has previously presented on topics relating to sustainability, energy conservation and healthcare trends.

Samuel Perkins, Co-Founder, CEO/COB, Purgenix Holdings, Inc. 

Mr. Perkins earned a B.A., cum laude in economics and J.D. from Washington & Lee University. He is Co-Founder, CEO/COB of Purgenix Holdings, Inc, conference speaker and author of books and articles on topics of interest to healthcare providers.

Karen Schwartz, FACHE I Vice President, Facilities/Support Services Bon Secours St. Francis Health System


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Greening the OR Series: Fire the Photon Torpedoes Sulu: Dose Based UVGI in Health Care Central Ventilation Air Reduces HAI
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