CleanMed 2019

Thanks to all the attendees, volunteers, and leaders that made CleanMed 2019 May 7-9 in Nashville, Tenn. yet another success. The learning doesn't have to end when the conference does. Full-conference attendees and Practice Greenhealth members have free access to the recordings of CleanMed 2019 education sessions. For non-members who attended CleanMed 2019simply enter the discount code provided in your notification email. Explore the plenary and conference sessions delivered across tracks including leadership, climate & energy, waste management, green building, safer materials, greening the supply chain, and food.

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A1 – Leveraging the Nurses Climate Challenge to Achieve Sustainability Goals, Engage Employees, and Promote Health
A2 – Clinical Sustainability: What is it and How Do We Achieve it?
A3 – Driving an Anesthetic Gas Guzzler? Engage Clinicians and Reduce Anesthetic Gas Footprint
A4 – Generating ‘Likes’ in the Wake of Climate Change and Social Media
A5 – Tackling Safer Chemicals and Materials in Health Care: Lessons from the Field
A6 – Hospital Resiliency in a New Climate Reality
A7 – Growing Health: How Hospital Farms and Gardens Achieve Multiple Goals
A8 – Eliminating Forced Labor from Hospital Supply Chains
A9 – Making IT Purchases With People and the Planet in Mind
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B1 – Planting Trees for Health: A New Initiative for Health Care
B2 – Be the Spark: Empowering Health Professionals to Act on Climate Change
B3 – Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste: EPA Update
B4 – Retro-commissioning of a New 2.5 Million Square Foot Hospital
B5 – Green Benefits: Implementing Employee Perks in Your Organization
B6 – Healthy, Resilient Buildings and Infrastructure: Using Economic Analysis for Success
B7 – Critical Access Hospital Success Story: Leading through Community Partnerships
B8 – Local More Than Locale: Purchasing from Community-based and Diverse Suppliers
B9 – The Challenge of Plastics in Health Care
C1 – How Health Care Can Accelerate Adoption of Electric Vehicles
C2 – Protecting the Vulnerable From Climate Change: A Multi-Specialty Perspective
C3 – Greening the OR? Behavioral Science to the Rescue
C4 – Coast to Coast, a Deeper Dive Into Renewable Developments and Partnerships
C5 – Nursing Leadership Sweet Spots
C6 – Quantifying the Environmental Footprint of Medical Practice Through Life Cycle Assessment
C7 – Financial Solutions to Climate Change: How You Can Make a Difference
C8 – Food Prescriptions for Health
C9 – Advancing Healthy Flooring in Health Care
D1 – Using Organizational Theory to Overcome Challenges of Implementing Sustainability
D2 – Providing Emergency Care in Extreme Weather: Saving Lives by Being Climate-ready
D3 – General Anesthetic Controversies: TIVA or Gas?
D4 – Can the Health Care Revolution Truly Be Decarbonized?
D5 – Integrated Process for Community Health Promotion: An Interactive Workshop
D6 – Strategies for Implementing a Sustainable Procurement Program
D7 – Funding Resilient Energy Systems
D8 – Anchors in Resilient Communities: Lessons and Tools From the Field
D9 – In the Weeds: Learn How to Track Your Hospital’s GHG Emissions
E1 – The Power of Storytelling: Shining a Light on Your Sustainability Work
E2 – The Devil We Know Documentary + Discussion: Removing Chemical Hazards from Supply Chain (Part 1)
E3 – Hospital Food is Cool: How to Nourish Our Communities and Heal Our Planet
F1 – Attaining Water Security in Health Care
F2 – Efficiently Filling the Plate: Strategies to Reduce Waste and Hunger (Part 1)
G1 – Understanding and Addressing Climatic Vulnerabilities at 32 Facilities: Lessons from Partners HealthCare
G2 – 2019 Waste Challenges: China, Markets, Waste to Energy, GHGs, and Free Measurement Tool
H1 – Nashville Area Clinician Leadership in Healthy Food
H3 – Saving Money and Carbon with Hospital Energy Treasure Hunts
H4 – Mindfulness and Resiliency: Stress Less, Green More
H6 – Supply Chain Perspective on Sustainability in Health Care
H7 – Policy Advocacy to Advance Sustainability Goals
H8 – Resiliency and Sustainability Tied With a LEED Platinum Bow: Addressing Mission Assurance Within Army Medical Command
I1 – Engaging Suppliers to Meet Sustainability Goals
I2 – Alignment of Health Care Sustainability Metrics with Existing CSR Reporting Frameworks
I3 – Energy and Water Savings in the OR
I4 – Evolution of Microgrid and Battery Storage to Produce Reliable Power More Efficiently
I5 – Leadership in Transportation: Commuter Challenge Collaboration at a Rural Medical Center
I6 – Energy Monitoring With Connected Technologies
I7 – Who’s Driving Material Health in Health Care?
I8 – Culinary Medicine: Where Health, Sustainability, and Food Meet
I9 – Circular Solutions for Medical Plastics: International Problems and Local Fixes
F2 – Efficiently Filling the Plate: Strategies to Reduce Waste and Hunger (Part 2)
E2 – The Devil We Know Documentary + Discussion: Removing Chemical Hazards from Supply Chain (Part 2)