CleanMed 2018

Thanks to all the attendees, volunteers, and leaders that made CleanMed 2018 May 7-9 in San Diego, California yet another success. The learning doesn't have to end when the conference does. For Practice Greenhealth Members, you can now access the CleanMed 2018 recordings for free. For other guests who attended CleanMed 2018, simply enter the VIP code provided in your notification email for complimentary access to all recordings. Explore the plenary and conference sessions delivered across tracks including leadership, climate & energy, waste management, green building, safer materials, greening the supply chain, and food.

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CleanMed 2018 Opening Plenary
A-1: Hospital Preparedness in a Changing Climate: Lessons from Extreme Weather Events
Leadership Track You must register to access.
A-2: Healthy for People and the Planet: Reducing Meat and Making Plant-based Menus Popular
A-3: Improving Health Through Building Inclusive and Sustainable Local Economies
Green Build Track You must register to access.
A-4: Demystifying Greenhouse Gas Tracking and Goal-setting in Health Care
A-5: Resiliency through Cogeneration and Microgrids
A-6: Tunable LED Lighting Systems for Energy-Efficiency and Circadian Support in Health Care
Green Design Track You must register to access.
A-7: Supply Chain: Next Generation Strategies in Sustainable and Equity-based Procurement in Health Care
Green Supply Chain Track You must register to access.
A-8: Pharmaceutical Waste Management Success – Key Stakeholder Panel
A-10: Climate Change is a Nursing Issue: How Engaging Nurses Can Help Meet Your Organization’s Climate Goals
B-1: The C-Suite Door is Stuck: Janet and Iqbal to the Rescue with WD40 and You
B-2: Widening the Hospital & Community Team to Expand Access to Healthy, Sustainable Food: Resources and Success Stories
B-3: Changing the Hearts & Minds of Health Care Leaders: Creating the Business Case for Addressing Social Needs
B-4: Become a Clinician Climate Advocate: Use Your Trusted Voice for Change
B-5: Delivering a Healthy, Energy-Frugal Facility with Real-Time Data and HVAC Retrocommissioning
B-6: Low Energy to Net Zero: The New Normal
B-7: Making Environmental Purchasing a Priority in Value Analysis
B-8: Choose Wisely: How NYU Langone and UVM Medical Center Carefully Partner with Material Recycling/Waste Vendors for Maximum Value
B-9: Perioperative Sustainability at UCSF: Baby Steps, Big Goals
B-10: Nurses as Inspired Change Makers: Exemplars in Sustainable Foods
C-1: Making the Case for Sustainability
C-2: Changing Menus, Changing Lives: How Hospitals are Raising the Bar for Sustainable Meat
C-3: Staying Healthy: Hospitals Partnering with Community Organizations to Maintain Patient Well-Being
C-4: Safe Haven in the Storm: Protecting Lives and Margins with Climate-Smart Health Care
C-5: Teaming Up for Impact: Aggregating Demand to Shape Large, Customer-Facing Renewable Energy Deals
C-6: Reimagining Hospital Delivery in a Net Zero Economy
C-7: Chemical Footprint of Products Used in Pediatric Care
C-8: Clinical Recycling at Stanford Health Care: Building Shared Solutions to Global Recycling Challenges
C-9: Engaging Clinicians in Sustainability Using Novel and Creative Methods
C-10: How Supplier Diversity and Sustainable Procurement Drives Positive Impact on Community Health
D-1: Engaging Senior Leadership: Struggles and Suggestions
D-2: Seafood and the Blue Economy: Why “Local” Matters
D-3: Saving Energy, Saving Money, Improving Community Health
D-4: Health Care Energy/Carbon Roadmaps for Non-Geeks
D-5: Save More Together: Greater Energy Efficiency through Strategic Collaboration
D-6: Achieving 20% Reductions in Energy and Water by 2020: A Strategic Plan by Seattle Children’s Hospital
D-7: Kaiser Permanente’s EPP Standards: A New Paradigm in Sustainable Procurement in Health Care
D-9: Physician Engagement is Vital to Health Care Sustainability
D-10: Employer-and Community-based Solutions to Employee Commute Challenges
E-1: Sustainability and Wellness at Inova
E-2: Sustainable Food Service Operation
E-3: Supporting Families and Community
E-4: Climate Change and Emergency Medicine
E-5: Assessing Energy-Medical Diagnostic
E-6: Healing Gardens and Green Roofs
E-7: Tackling Safer Chemicals
E-8: Maximizing End of Lifecycle Value
E-9: Moving Beyond Barriers
E-10: Leveraging Transportation
F-1: Lessons Learned from Building Utility and Sustainability Management Platform
F-2: Equity and Food Systems
F-3: Proper Medication Management
F-5: Community Resilience From the Ground Up
F-6: Design as Medicine
F-7: Working together with EPP Data
F-8: Creating a Circular Economy
F-9: Pharmaceutical Waste in the OR
F-10: Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance
F-4: Advancing Climate-Smart Health Care