Feed People, Not Landfills - Part Four: Aerobic Digestion

Recorded On: 05/11/2016

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Feed People, Not Landfills

A Five-Part Series in Food Waste Assessment and Planning, Prevention, Donation and Management -- Practice Greenhealth NEW Less Food Waste Goal and Toolkit

Fresh for May 2016, Practice Greenhealth is rolling out its NEW Less Food Waste goal and toolkit with case studies, “Get Started Guide" , educational posters and the four-part sharing call series so the sector can come together around this win win opportunity to feed people (and animals, and the soil) Not Landfills.

Session Description

Aerobic Digestion – Manage Food Waste with Case Studies by Montefiore Health and Boston Medical Center

For part four of the five-part series, Join Montefiore Health, business Partner EnviroPure Systems and Boston Medical Center to learn how to capture and manage food waste through on-site digestion process for reduced costs and diversion from landfills. Montefiore Health will share the process of implementation and how onsite management was the right choice for their urban environment.

Boston Medical Center has chosen to utilize a biodigester based on the challenging logistics of composting in an urban environment. The biodigester has been a huge success at BMC for several reasons.

  1. Monitors food waste remotely and feeds it to a robust dashboard for easy retrieval of data.
  2. Handling is simple, no solids generated, converts food waste into a liquid that can safely be flushed down the drain.
  3. Several economic advantages: Reduces hauling costs, reduces janitorial supply costs, reduced labor costs.
  4. Environmental transformation: lowers carbon emissions due to less truck traffic and landfilling, reduces harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change, recycles food waste into renewable resources (clean water, biogas, biosolids)

Other advantages vs. traditional composting:

No odor or pest, documents diversion process, no vehicle service access necessary, takes up small footprint in the kitchen.

Current results:

Boston Medical Center has diverted 26.5 tons of food waste in one year.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why diverting food from the municipal waste stream is a core component of any sustainability program.
  • Recognize the legal framework for installing a digestion system onsite
  • Hear how Montefiore Health measured success around onsite aerobic digestion of their food waste.
  • Take away tips for managing food waste at your facility.


Jeff Hogan, Sustainability, Montefiore Medicine

Jeff Hogan is Montefiore Health System's Energy and Sustainability Manager, responsible for managing and implementing sustainability initiatives across Montefiore's numerous hospitals located throughout the Bronx and Westchester County. Jeff holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies/Geology from Franklin & Marshall College and a Master's Degree in Sustainability Studies from Ramapo College of New Jersey. Jeff furthered his educational background by pursuing certifications from LEED and the Association of Energy Engineers (CEM). Since coming on board, Montefiore's hospitals have received recognition Practice Greenhealth, the Association of Energy Engineers, and The Westchester Green Business Challenge.

Jona Gallagher, National Sales Manager, EnviroPure Systems

Jona Gallagher is the National Sales Manager for EnviroPure Systems a T&S Brass and Bronze Works Comapany. Jona was the Director of Lab and Plumbing National Accounts for T&S Brass for 3 years before switching roles and joining the EnviroPure Team. As the Director of Lab and Plumbing her focus was on water conservation with key market segments. Jona and her team conducted water audits on hotels, hospitals, grocery stores and universities to demonstrate the need for adding water conservation devices on their commercial faucets. As a result the customers saved millions of gallons of water and thousands of dollars in water, sewer and energy costs.

Jona joined the EnviroPure team in 2014 and continued to focus on helping customers achieve their sustainability goals. As the National Sales Manager she is responsible for sales on a global level and is familiar with organic waste mandates and corporate zero waste goals. EnviroPure Systems offers water and waste audits to end users to help them determine which device meets their needs. EnviroPure Systems offers an onsite elimination digester that reduces labor and cost of hauling food waste away, while contributing to the diversion rate and reducing their carbon footprint percentage. Jona works with end users to customize a solution that eliminates food waste in the kitchen to eliminate extra steps and create buy in from all team members.

David Maffeo, Senior Director of Support Services, Boston Medical Center


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Part Four: Anaerobic Digestion
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