CM14F6-Farmacy: The New Frontier

Session Description

The health care sector bears the burden of treating diseases associated with a broken food system. Obesity, diabetes, malnutrition, heart diseases, childhood cancer and other chronic diseases are the costly consequences of a food system that favors nutritionally poor processed foods and relies on heavy use of pesticides and other chemicals. Upstream solutions are needed to change this landscape. Learn about the definition and application of environmental nutrition through several innovative programs. Prescription for Health in Washtenaw County, connects safety-net clinic patients diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases with farmers' markets. Steward Health Care sends sustainable, prepared food to patients' home to prevent readmission. New Milford Hospital will share insights on health care reform, preventative medicine, successful outcomes and the Plow to PlateĀ® journey coupled with Unidine's best practices in healthy food service delivery


Sharon Sheldon, MPH, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Program Administrator, Washtenaw County Public Health | Susan Twombly, Program Coordinator, New Milford Hospital | Megan Oberle, MD, Resident Physician, Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital/Case Medical Center


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CM14F6-Farmacy: The New Frontier
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