CM14F1-Developing and Managing a Sustainable Portfolio Mix of EPP Projects

Recorded On: 06/05/2014

Session Description 

Implementing an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) program has consistently been perceived as a daunting task. Often, organizations have many EPP opportunities; but, little resources to manage and implement the work. In this session, audience members will learn how to leverage resources, work cohesively with their Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), categorize their EPP opportunities, create a multi-year, sustainable pipeline of projects, and successfully manage their portfolio through a high level yet comprehensive metrics dashboard. Perhaps for the first time ever, Kaiser Permanente will team up with its GPO EPP team mates to discuss its evolutionary journey from a success story metric, to successfully managing a portfolio mix of highimpacting EPP projects. Uncovered during this session will be the birth of Kaiser Permanente's very first EPP metrics based dashboard in 2012, the bumps along the way, then arriving at the second generation of an EPP metrics based dashboard. Feeding into this executive level EPP dashboard are the portfolio mix of projects, categorized in four (4) distinct environmental attributes (Cleaner Energy, Safer Chemicals, Less Waste and Healthier Food), and by three (3) project phase types (Pre-sourcing, Sourcing, and Implementation). Audience members will leave the session armed with tools, the do's and don'ts, and a clear path towards EPP implementation in their own organization. Come join the session, and watch as the mysteries of EPP implementation will be revealed!


Vanessa Lochner, Director, EPP, Kaiser Permanente | Sandra Hayter, VP of Operations, GPO, MedAssets | Rob Johnson, Senior Service Line Director, MedAssets


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CM14F1-Developing and Managing a Sustainable Portfolio Mix of EPP Projects
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