CM14D1-A Patient's Journey Through a Green Organization

Recorded On: 06/04/2014

Session Description 

Environmental sustainability will be an essential component of successful health care organizations in the future. Sustainable decision-making has both a direct and indirect impact on patients' experience. Observing a patient's journey through our greenfocused health care organization from hospital or clinic arrival to the operating room and hospital wards illustrates the impact of these decisions on their experience. Through the eyes of a patient, some results of sustainable decision-making are obvious such as solar panels and the absence of Styrofoam, yet many others take place behind the scenes such as a recycle program for surgical equipment, geothermal heat production, and locally raised food which may be the most impactful. This presentation will highlight the ways in which health care organizations sustainability-minded decisions can reduce the cost of care, fossil fuel consumption, and landfill burden. These decisions have led to our institution's early progress toward true sustainability, and can be implemented while maintaining uncompromising, high-quality surgical care.


Stephen Shapiro, MD, Physician, Gundersen Health System


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CM14D1-A Patient's Journey Through a Green Organization
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